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Silver Cord is a new surf leash, incorporating various aspects of modern technology. It is the safest leash on the market, while still retaining the standard leash functions and maintaining aesthetic appeal.

Inside the leash there is a second leash, a ‘silver cord.’ If the standard leash breaks, the inner cord remains and is activated. This inner cord is engineered (gathered within the inner cavity) in such a way to enable the normal stretch and strength function of a regular leash. The inner cord has less stretch as the normal leash but is functional as a back-up , and it serves a purpose of allowing a surfer to retain his or her surfboard, and make a decision from there. The decision can be to either make his or her way to the safety of the beach, or to continue surfing. The inner cord is only activated and functional once the normal functionality of the leash fails.

The inner cord is much like a safety parachute. Should a skydiver’s parachute fail, then the second parachute, the safety or reserve parachute, is deployed.


In metaphysical studies and literature, the ‘silver cord’ refers to a life-giving linkage between the soul and the human body. During near-death and out-of-body experiences, many people have described being attached to their physical body by a silver cord. It is fitting in that our silver cord is a tether and safety attachment to the surfboard, a possible life-giving linkage.


There are a number of unique aspects to the Silver Cord apart from the inner cord.

Should a surfer want to be disconnected from the surfboard, after a big wipe-out or as a result of entanglement, there is a unique quick-release pin that will immediately disconnect the surfer and the leash. This is referred to as Bail Safe Device or BSD.

Another unique element in the Silver Cord is that the three components, the cuff, the leash and the rail saver, are all interchangeable. Should your leash break, a simple screw system will allow you to replace the broken component (the leash) to the existing ankle cuff and rail saver. Similarly, should the surf be much bigger than anticipated, you can simply replace the cord with a longer and thicker cord, utilizing the existing rail saver and cuff. Components are going to be sold in packs or individually, and this will cut down on leash costs going forward.

This interchangeable function also serves as an environmental boon, with fewer parts of broken or damaged leashes going into the trash and finding their way to landfills. Silver Cord is a premium brand made with premium materials.